Our Business

Knots Untwisted was created by me, Rachel, in 2018, as a massage business. We were untwisting the knots in the muscles of my clients. In 2019, we expanded the business to include educational classes and video on Witchcraft. The birth of Untwisted Briars by Knots Untwisted was witnessed in 2020. Untwisted Briars was created to provide you the wares need to support your magic.

I, Rachel, am the witch/artist behind the creation of Untwisted Briars. I have been practicing witchcraft for 17 years now. It was just recently that it become a big force in my life. I found great joy in untwisting the knots of confusion, misbelief, and judgement surrounding witchcraft. It can be very exhausting and frustrating to find a information, even more so a book, on witchcraft that isn’t also about Wicca. Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is a craft that can be expanded upon, honed, and twisted to your benefit. It is not a religion. It is my mission to help share with the world the craft of the witches.

2020 will be the year that Untwisted Briars will help supply quality spell components, candles, spell kits, and tools. This platform will also be used to share my art in the form of stickers, pins prints and Book of Shadows Pages. We are looking forward to helping you along on your path of the witch.

Our Staff



I believe that labels create boxes. Boxes often lead to feelings of being stuck or contained, so I often choose to not label my practice. Choosing instead to live outside of the box! I like to work with crystals and herbs. The forest, beach, and kitchen are my favorite places. I am also a mother and a powerlifter.