Thank you for your patience

This weeks post is delayed due to a medical emergency with my cat yesterday. He cut his paw up pretty badly and is now wearing the cone of shame. I’ve had to help him eat, drink and move around. I greatly appreciate your patience while I finish polishing this post and taking care of my fur-baby. Many blessings to all of you!

Update: I had hoped to get the post out by now, but taking care of my fur-baby while making sure my son did his schoolwork proved to be more time consuming than expected today.

My original post for today was going to be about Beltane and the Full Moon. Due to already being behind schedule on Beltane and the rest of my post doesn’t really make sense after the fact, I am choosing to skip a post this week.

I’m going to spend the rest of my time tonight doing some full moon self care to re-energize to continue caring for my babies tomorrow. I hope you all have a blessed Esbat and may you always have the blessings of your gods.

Chey glaring about the cone of shame