What Does Witchcraft Mean to Me?

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Witchcraft often gets a bad reputation. It is my belief that this bad reputation comes from misunderstanding and suspicion. In this post, I would like to try to light a candle and shine some light on my perspective of Witchcraft and with this light dispel some anxiety. This entry is going to be used as a milestone marker with my intention being to re-answer this question every year to see the growth and shift in my own practice overtime.

I believe that the essence of Witchcraft performing actions with intentions. If you make a cup of tea with the intention to relax and calm yourself, then you just preformed an act of witchcraft. Making a wish as you blow out birthday candles is also an act of witchcraft. Intentionally wearing the same necklace to interviews because it has always brought you luck is yet another act of witchcraft.

My strongest opinion about Witchcraft is that it is a practice or a craft that is purely personal to each person. Just like most crafts for most people, you are not going to pick up the tools and complete a giant project on your first attempt. Often you have to start with the basics and you work with those until you know them like the back of your hand. You, then, decide to learn more complicated techniques as you grow. Over time you find your groove. You find what works for you. You mold Witchcraft into your own practice.

I also wholeheartedly believe that Witchcraft is NOT a religion. I’m going to say that again for the people in the back: WITCHCRAFT IS NOT A RELIGION. Yes, I feel vigorously on this. Witchcraft can be paired with religions, but Witchcraft itself is not one. It is a practice. It is a way of life that can be done with the power of yourself, gods/goddess, spirits, or even, yes, God, if that is your chosen religious flavor.

I mentioned above that Witchcraft is a way of life. For me, Witchcraft is the practice of taking an active role in your own life. It is taking responsibility for your actions, reactions, and future. It is not sitting by, passively waiting, and allowing life to happen to you. It is owning your power and going after your goals. Now with expressing all of that, I don’t believe that active means aggressive. Active mean knowing when to pursue a goal and when to set everything up to allow the opportunity to come to you. It is also knowing when to rest and care for yourself and your environment. Your home, the people you allow around you, as well as, Earth are your environment and all affect your mind, body, and energy. We respect the Earth because we could not survive without it and all things on it are connected by the energy that flows through all of it.

Witchcraft can be self-care. Also, in my opinion all self-care is Witchcraft, because self-care acts are or should be done with intention. It is taking care of your body, mind and soul to help you to continuously grow. Being a witch means that you are always in the state of changing and growing to become your best self. You also care for your environment to give yourself the best opportunities and surroundings.

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Now I would like to archive where I am in my practice. In this section, it will mainly be a little bit of record keeping, but I will be also including elaborations of my view of a few Witchcraft topics. I invite you to keep reading!

What energies or methods of energy direction do I use?

  • Crystals
  • Dried Herbs
  • Container Spells (Jars/Bags/Poppets)
  • Astrology/Zodiac
  • The Moon’s Energy through it’s phases
  • Meditation
  • Kitchen/Food
  • Tea
  • Candle Spells
  • Nordic Runes

What energies or methods of energy direction am I learning?

  • Sigils
  • Living Plants/Gardening
  • Glamours

What methods of divination do I use?

  • Intuitive Readings
  • Nordic Runes – I am still learning to use them for more than charging myself and items, but they are my favorite reading method.
  • Oracle Cards – I tend to only use my oracle deck for myself.
  • Tarot Cards – I use these the most when reading for other people

How would I describe my method of magic?

The way I preform my magic is mainly intuition based. I have found that I accomplish optimal results when I trust my instincts. I do have a few rituals that I use. These rituals are used when I am working a spell that requires a build-up of focus and energy. More often than not, when I am doing a spell for someone else I do it in a ritual format. When working spells for myself; I know the vibration of my energy and the energy I am seeking, so I don’t need a ritual to harmonize those energies. Occasionally, on a holiday, a full moon, or other special occasion, I will throw in some ceremonial magic. I perform ceremonial magic to make the event memorable and give it that unique touch. These are usually times when we are practicing Witchcraft as a family. It adds a flare that our family can enjoy and create memories around.

What kind of witch am I? / What labels do I put on my craft?

I don’t! I truly detest labels. Labels are designed for other people to classify and understand those around them. I also find that labels often have different meanings to different people and this causes assumptions or misinformation to circulate. I would rather skip the short hand and have conversations about what Witchcraft means to me and what kind of materials and methods call to me the most. These conversations are a two-way street; I want to know about others’ craft and what it means to them instead of assuming and getting the wrong impression. Also, it gives me the opportunity to learn about different experiences and ideas. I don’t want to pass up opportunities for growth.

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What deities, spirits, etc. do I work with?

I work with spirits and deities, but I do not worship them. I tend to treat them like mentors or friends. I call on them for guidance and knowledge. I listen to their experiences and wisdom. I believe that there is a universal power that we are all made of and have access to through our own divine nature. This universal power is a collective of all the experiences of the beings that have come before us. This is how we also hold the answers within ourselves. We just need to trust ourselves. Trust our intuition.

Now, after that clarifying note, these are the spirits and deities I work with:

  • The Nordic Pantheon – Namely Odin and Freya
  • My Spirit Guide
  • A few fey – I am mindful and careful working with these beings, but I do have few in and around my home.
  • Persephone – I have not begun working with her yet, but she keeps showing up on my radar and keep hearing her call. I will be beginning my research on her soon before I begin to work with her.

Thank you taking your time to indulge on my opinions. Let me know if you have any questions or want to know more about topic listed above. I am excited about being on this journey with all of you. I am intrigued to see the direction in which I develop over the coming year. Until next time, may you always have the blessings of your gods!