Three Base Skills for a Witch

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There are three base skills that every witch needs to know in order to practice magic. Those three base skills are meditation, visualization, and energy manipulation. With each of these skills in the witch’s toolbelt, the manifestation of anything is possible.

Mediation is the practice of clearing your mind to enhance focus. It is often done by sitting or laying comfortably, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breath. Every time your thoughts drift away from your breath you acknowledge the thoughts you were thinking, let them go, and re-center your focus on your breath. The use of chants or drumming is sometimes incorporated into the practice. If you are new to meditating, I suggest exploring the app CALM. I have been using it for the past 3 years and I greatly enjoy their daily meditations and sleep stories.

Now that we have briefly discussed what meditation is, how does meditation help your magical practice? Meditation helps you calm your mind and let the stresses of the day melt away from the forefront of your mind. The practice of meditation brings you into the present moment full of focus for the task at hand. While casting a spell you don’t want your grocery list or that fight you had with your partner earlier in the day looming over your head. Meditation helps you release all of that.

The second base skill is visualization which is the practice of mentally creating imagery in your mind. This skill allows you to see your goal and use that energy to manifest your goal. Visualization can also help you explore all the consequences of your spell before you perform it, allowing you to decide if you are willing to deal with all of the possible consequence that may arise from your work. Visualization can also be used as a calming escape when needed.

Visualization is often paired with meditation. After clearing your mind, you can start painting the mental imagery of your goal. With much practice you are able to step into the world you have created and interact with it. Many guided meditations use visualization as a tool for you to access deep aspects of yourself. If you are struggling to paint a mental picture, then you can also a physically create vision boards. Vision boards are a collection of imagery that connect to your goals. If the goal of your spell is prosperity then you would include imagery of what prosperity means to you. Money, a new car, a credit card statement with a zero balance are examples of what prosperity might look like to you.

Energy manipulation is our last base skill. Did you ever do the experiment of creating a ball of energy between the palm of your hands and letting it grow? Frequently, this experiment also included passing or throwing that ball of energy to other classmates. This is energy manipulation and used to direct the energies needed to manifest your goal through your spell.

When we first start off in the practice, we will often we use the sympathetic magic of herbs, crystals, colors, and other materials to help us build and direct that energy. As you progress you might choose to lean on your own skills of directing the energy, or you might choose to continue using supplies, but become better attuned to the energy of those materials. Either option or even a combination are viable because a mentioned in previous posts each witch’s path is uniquely their own.

Energy manipulation is largely used in healing work. The use of the white ball of light to absorb the negativity and dis-ease out of the body is a common method of healing. Often when I am sick, I will run an energy ball over my body to pull out the negative energy. Once that negative energy is absorbed into my ball of energy, I send it into the ground for mother earth to neutralize and redistribute that energy.

With these three skills, a witch is able to manifest her desires. Meditation, Visualization, and Energy Manipulation are the base skills that help ground, envision, and direct the energy of the spell. I hope you find power in these skills and grow in your practice. Until next time, may you always have the blessing of your gods.

Side Note:

Thank you all for your patience while I cared for my fur-baby last week. That experience has taught me a few lessons about managing my blog. Due to this, I will only be posting a blog on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month for the next couple of months. This will allow me to better manage my time in updating the website, managing my social media accounts, working on recording and editing videos, and balancing my family life. Lastly, I want to announce that soon I will be offering the ability to purchase wares directly from this website. I am extremely excited about the changes that are being made here at Knots Untwisted.

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